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Tourist Spots in Gandhinagar

Gandhinagar is the capital of Gujarat in India. Gandhinagar is said to be surrounded by the Sabarmati river. The city was named as Gandhinagar after following the father of India, Mahatma Gandhi. There are many educational institutes, tourist spots, temples and beaches. Gandhinagar is very much famous for its tourist attractive places. The city is busy and crowded all around the year as many people from all around the world visit this place to enjoy their holiday with their family. Many pilgrims from other parts of India visit this city to get the blessing from various temples. The parks and temples are the best tourist spots that every traveler must visit with their family to witness the architectural brilliance of the architects who lived in this beautiful city in the past generation.

Akshardham Temple Gandhinagar

This is the most attractive and the most wanted tourist spots, which is also a holy place for Hindu’s. This temple has made Gandhinagar a tourist spot by making many people to visit it all around the year. It is the largest temple in India and is located in Gandhinagar. The temple is very much rich in terms of architecture, art, sculptures and much more. Many research people do visit this temple to make their research on the architectural brilliance of this place.

Tourist Spots in Gandhinagar

The temple got inaugurated during the year 1992. It was opened during the centenary celebrations that happened to Yogiji Maharaj. The monuments in this temple are seven feet tall and it has got a gold plated idol of Lord Swaminarayan which is said to be the main idol in this temple. The carvings that can be found on the pillars and in other stones are stunning and it makes the temple look majestic. The temple was built using six thousand tonnes of sandstone that were pink in color. The monuments in these places have said to be an architectural masterpiece. The structure of the temple is measured as 33 m in terms of height, 140 feet in terms of length and 40 m in terms of width. The colonnade that can be found around the monument in this temple is exactly 534 m in length. The steps into this temple can give a breathtaking view as it looks majestic surrounded by the sprawling gardens.

Children’s Park Gandhinagar

Children’s Park is situated in Gandhinagar around the Second 28. It is the most popular children's park with an attractive garden that brings many tourists from all around the world to visit it often. The various amusement facilities that are available in this park can attract people irrespective of their age. The park has got a lake and a mini train which adds to the attractive facilities that can be found in it. There are many more facilities made especially for kids and elder people. This makes everyone to visit it more often with their family and friends. The ambience in this children’s park can be experienced by visiting it. Many do visit it to sit and relax along the lake side and they do enjoy the nature with some real natural air that blows off from the trees.

Tourist Spots in Gandhinagar

The Children’s Park in Gandhinagar is situated in the center of the city which make any tourist to reach it within few minutes of time. There are many transport facilities available to reach this park and they are cheap in terms of fare. There are many floral plants planted in and around the park. The season flowers bloom more often and makes the park look even more beautiful with its color. The plants are kept in a good manner and are maintained so that the park looks the same all throughout the year. The play equipments can attract your child to play on it with their friends. The recreational facilities in this park is more than good that are provided to the customers who visit it with their family or alone. If you are looking for some peaceful place to take rest or take a walk, then this Children’s Park is the best place that can make you relax and bring some inner peace inside you. Many people do take a walk at this park during early morning and evening. One can witness even small kids taking a walk at this place which indeed proves the beauty of the park.

Velavadar National Park Gandhinagar

The Velavadar National Park came under Bhavnagar before Independence and it was made for the cattle’s of Maharaja to graze in the park. When India got its Independence, the government made steps to undertake this place in order to convert it into a grassland that can be useful for agricultural purposes. The government of India indeed provided some free licenses to the people in and around this place after the Independence.

Tourist Spots in Gandhinagar

The Velavadar National Park is very much famous for the blackbucks and the population has been increased by the Government of India. Killing the blackbucks is prohibited in this place and if anyone has been caught for doing such activities, then they would be living inside the jail all throughout their lifetime. The park is known as a place for bird watching which had made it as a tourist spot in the recent years. One can find two types of entrance gate to enter inside the Velavadar National Park.

Adalaj Stepwell Gandhinagar

Adalaj stepwell is said to be located in Adalaj which is a quiet village that has got resting places for the pilgrims who visit it from all around the world. This place was built during 1499 by the Queen Rudabai who was the wife of the great Vaghela chief. This stepwell is not only a cultural place, it is also a spiritual place where many pilgrims visit it all around the year. It has been believed that the villagers who live around Adalaj visit this place during the early morning time to fill water and offer their prayers to the carved deities that can be found all around the walls on this place. The villagers do interact within them by taking rest in a room which is said to be cool even during the hot summer season. An opening can be found around the ceilings so that the direct sunlight and air can enter inside this place. However, the direct sunlight can never touch the steps till noon. The steps have been constructed in such a way so that the light doesn’t travel inside it.

Tourist Spots in Gandhinagar

The researchers can make use of this place to study more about the well which is said to be six degrees cooler than the outside temperature. This can look like a magic, yet, it is the brilliant architecture of this place that was constructed by talented architects in the past generation. One most remarkable feature of this place is that it has got three different entrance stairs. These three entrance stairs meet up with the first storey below it is an underground place that has got a square shaped platform and octagonal on top of it. This place is a very good example for portraying the Indo-Islamic design and architecture. The walls are carved with mythological scenes, women churning buttermilk and dancers accompanying with the musicians. One can even find carvings of a king sitting on a small stool. These carvings are one among the reason for many people to visit it all around the year. The Ami Khumbor is a famous carving that can be found on the walls in this place. It is said to be a pot which contains the water for life. The Kalp Vriksha has been yet another carving that was made using a single slab of stone. Kalp Vriksha means a tree of life. There has been a belief that the Navagraha protects the monuments from getting attacked by evil spirits.

Amarnath Dham

Tourist Spots in GandhinagarAmarnath Dham is located along the Sabarmati river bank in the Amarapur village. Amarnath Dham is a divine place and is said to be the very first cave temple in the whole world that was constructed in the past generation. It has got a 5 inch tall Lingam, which is said to be the God for many people all around India. The icelingam stands tall without getting melted from the sunlight.

This is definitely a miracle and many people worship as God has made his appearance in the form of ice through this cave. The icelingam can be found inside the cave in a dark place and many people all around the world visit this place to view the icelingam that stands tall without getting melted for many months.

Capital Complex Gandhinagar

Capital Complex is located at the heart place of the capital city Gandhinagar in Gujarat. It is a well laid complex that has hot buildings for the government and legislature offices. It comes under the Sector 10 area. Vithalbhai Patel Bhavan is a stunning domed building that stands magnificently upon the high podium. It is being surrounded by a lake all around it.

The Vidhan Sabha has got the hanging corridors that can attract any tourists to visualize the architecture brilliance of it. There are two modern buildings in this place. Sardar Bhavan is a house for various departments starting from the State Secretariat to other officers. The Narmada Bhavan is a place for officers that comes under various government departments. Capital Complex can be visited by any tourists during the working hours as it has been completely changed into a government operating office in the recent years. The architecture of this place portrays the excellence of the architects who made it.

Craftsmen’s Village Gandhinagar

Craftsmen’s village is situated at a small distance of about 7 km from Gandhinagar. This place is very much famous for the Bandhani type of sarees. The city is also very well known for the wooden blocks that are carved with a variety of designs. These designs are later on using as hand prints for designing the cloths.
Tourist Spots in Gandhinagar

The craftsman from this place are the most wanted people to develop the famous Bandhani saree. This is a very good place to buy hand printed materials and sarees at a very low price.

Deer Park Gandhinagar

Deer Park is located very nearby to the Sarita Udyan. Sarita Udyan is said to be the outskirts of the Gandhinagar city in Gujarat. It has been servings as a retreat for many people to manage the busy city life. This park is very much popular with the local people and many tourists do visit it to take a look at the natural scenery.

Hanuman Temple Gandhinagar

The Hanuman temple is situated in Gandhinagar and is said to be one among the tourist attractions in this city. The God Hanuman is considered as a powerful God by the local people and many people from all over India visit this place to get the blessings from the God Hanuman. The idol that can be found in this temple has a statue of the great Hanuman holding a mountain on his own shoulder. The temple is crowded with devotees during both Saturdays and Tuesdays.

The temple is said to be located in the centre of the Gandhinagar city which indeed makes it a convenient place for the local people to visit it more often. The temple can be reached by taking any type of transportation facility. The central sanctrumof this temple holds the 13 feet tall idol of God Shri Simandhar Swami and it weighs about 18 tones. The statues of Shri Chandrayan Yaksh and the Devi Shri Yakshini are also placed inside this temple. There are various idols inside the temple namely Shri Rushab Dev Bhagwan,hri Parshwanath Bhagwan, Shri Ajitnath Bhagwan and Shri Chakreshwari Devi and much more. The first trimandri sanctum includes the Parvati Devi, Ganpatiji and Shivling. This temple has got a brilliant architecture with stunning idols of various Gods.

Indroda Dinosaur Park Gandhinagar

The Indroda Dinosaur Park is located in the Gandhinagar city in Gujarat. It is the second biggest hatchery in the whole world that holds the dinosaur eggs. The park has been set up by the Geological Survey team in India. This park holds the pride that it is the single museum for the dinosaurs in India. No other park in India holds a museum exclusively for the dinosaurs.

Tourist Spots in Gandhinagar

The Park is undertaken by the Gujarat Ecological and Research Foundation and it has been named as the Indian Jurassic Park by the local people. There are many fossilized eggs and skeletons of the dinosaurs preserved in this park. The fossils of the dinosaurs were found in this place around 65 millions of years ago. The dinosaur eggs are different in terms of size and structure. One can witness the size of the dinosaur eggs being equal to a cannonball. The fossil trackways of various animals are kept for the tourists to witness in this park.

Mahudi Jain Temple

This temple is the holy place for the Jain pilgrimages and it is located in Mahudi. The temple spreads in a wider area of about 2 square kilometers. During the very old times, the temple was called as Madhumati. The idols in this temple have been recovered from the mud and it as the ancient people used to preserve the idols under the ground. The idols in this temple are 2000 years old and it has been proved to be old based upon the inscriptions that can be found in the Brahmi scripts. The idol in this place has got many miraculous powers that can fulfill every wish that has been done in this temple.

Tourist Spots in Gandhinagar

Many Jain devotees from all over the world visit this holy place to get the blessings from the idol. Ghantakarna Mahavir was the Kshatriya king who was named as Tungabhadra during his preceding birth in the Earth. He was known as the protector for the empire with a less fortunate in him. This is why his idols in this temple have got weapons on them. He does protect the people from evils by using his bow and arrow. There is a strong belief of the local people that he is very fond of eating sukhadi which is said to be a famous food in this place. People who visit this place offer sukhadi to him and make their prayers. It has been a habit that the sukhadi must be consumed by the pilgrimages who offer it to the idols before leaving this temple. If they don’t eat the food which they have served to the idols, then they would get bad luck all throughout their life.

Sarita Udyan

Sarita Udyan is a famous picnic spot that can be found by the Sabarmati River. This is a very good destination to make a charming picnic with your family. There are many recreational facilities that can entertain the tourists like never before.


Trimandir has been inspired completely by the Akram Vignani Pujya Dada Bhagwan and is located along the outer reaches of Gujarat in Gandhinagar city. The followers of this God get gathered in one place in order to celebrate Pranpratishtha during the last week of December.

Tourist Spots in Gandhinagar

The central sanctrum in this place has got a big idol for Shri Simandhar Swami and it is said to be 13 feet in height and 18 tones in weight.

Gandhinagar has got the best tourist spots for any type of people. If you a traveler who would love to visit temples and witness the architecture in it, then Gandhinagar is the exact place that has got the real beauty that lies on the temples, museums, parks and in many places in and around the Gandhinagar city in the state of Gujarat. The transport facilities in this city can be widely used to reach any tourist spot and the fares are very much cheaper. Visit Gandhinagar to know more about the culture and tradition of the local people that can be seen in and around Gandhinagar.

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