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Natural Resources in Gandhinagar

Gandhinagar is very rich in its possession of fauna and flora. The geography of the city boasts of possessing a very wide variety of fauna and flora which is spread throughout the breadth and the length of the city. There are 500 varieties of mammals found in Gandhinagar, 2000 species of birds and several varieties of amphibians, reptiles, fishes and insects. It is this aspect that makes Gandhinagar very rich when speaking about fauna and flora.

Natural Resources in Gandhinagar

Animals in Gandhinagar

Some of the most important mammals that can be seen in Gandhinagar are Nilgai, Black bucks, Rusty and Spotted cats, Chitals, Four Horned Antelopes, Wild boars and Hyenas.

Many other animals such as crocodiles, bees, scorpions, Lac, silkworms, snakes, lizards and insects are easily  be sighted in Gandhinagar. Locusts and mosquitoes are also abundant in the city. The fauna and the flora of Gandhinagar remains incomplete without the mention of birds. There are several varieties or species of birds in Gandhinagar such as geese ducks, pheasants, peacocks, parrots and cranes.

Vegetation in Gandhinagar

It is also considered to be an important part of the flora of Gandhinagar. Climatic conditions that are varied play a very important role in favoring the vegetation of Gandhinagar. There are more than 400 species of excellent vegetation in the city and they mainly comprise the dry deciduous forests that lie in the western region. The most important vegetation of Gandhinagar is teak.

Forests in Gandhinagar

Main forest areas of Gandhinagar are the Mansa and the Dehgam Tehsils that possess an area of 1159 and 886 hectares of forests in the city. The main forest of the city are Gir, Aalloa Hills, Polo Forest that lies at a distance of 222 kilometers from Gandhinagar and even Indroda Nature Park.     

Minerals found in Gandhinagar

Minerals are not in abundance in any of the areas of Gandhinagar. Minor minerals like Common Sand, Brick Clay and Common Clay are generally available in Gandhinagar. These minerals are usually used in constructing industrial houses, business complexes and residential buildings and even huge shopping complexes. Sesame oil, Lubricant oil and Edible oil are some of the oils available in Gandhinagar. Kalol is a city that is very famous for its oil fields and this city is located very close to Gandhinagar. White coal and simple coal are some of the fossil fuels that are majorly used in the city though most of the population uses cooking gas for the purpose of making food.

Soil of Gandhinagar

Different kinds of soil are found in Gandhinagar such as black soil, alluvial soil, brown soil, grey soil, clayey soil and sandy soil and this is all because of the presence of River Sabarmati. Therefore it can be summed up that the topographical subdivision of the Gandhinagar consists of different regions that are based on geographical features and also the land texture.

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