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Museums in Gandhinagar

Gandhinagar is the capital of the state Gujarat and it is a very famous tourist place that has got some of the most wanted places that everyone in this whole world would visit all the year around. Gandhinagar is also known for the museums that can be found in and around it. These museums portray the historical significance and holds the pride of getting many numbers of tourists visiting these museums all throughout the year.

Vechaar Utensils Museum near Gandhinagar

The Vechaar Utensils museum was built during the year 1981 in Vechaar. Vechaar is known as Vishalla Environmental Centre for Heritage of Art, Architecture and Research. This museum was constructed by the famous architect named Surender C. Patel. This museum was made to make an effort in order to cherish and maintain the rich cultural heritage and the artistic skills of the craftsmen in Gujarat. The museum holds an extensive study in the field of utensils that originated from thousand years ago till the present day. There has been a considerable change through different periods in terms of the environment and much more. The changes can be witnessed in this museum as it portrays the works of the artists who lived in the past generations.

The museum has preserved many different types of leaves, jugs, glass utensils and stainless steel that were found existed in the previous centuries. The metal utensils that can be found in this museum were used to cover copper, brass, zinc, bronze and German silver.
Vechaar Utensils Museum (Vishalla Museum)
Opposite A P M C Market
Narol-Sarkhej Rd, Vishala
Ahmedabad near Gandhinagar
Gujarat 380055

Shreyas Folk Museum near Gandhinagar

This museum is said to be a tribute to the Gujarati women who have been making a remarkable value to all the Gujarati heritages through their crafts that are soulful and unbound in terms of imagination. Various art forms of many communities like Rabari, Kathi, Ahir, Charan, Mer, Kanbi, Rajput, Bhansali, Vania, Brahmin, Khoja Bohra, Miana, Meman are many others are kept in this museum. The colorful and unique works done in embroidery, metal work, wood carving, utensils, bead works, costumes, leather work, paintings, household objects and animal decorations are other things that are exhibited in this museum.

Museums in Gandhinagar

The people in the museum have taken proper care to collect each and every object and they are preserving it for many years without letting it get destroyed by any means. The photographic panels in this museum can attract any tourist who visits this museum. Such photographic panels also have a textual description of the picture that has been framed so that the tourists can understand more about it. A wide collection of it can be witnessed all around the museum. There is a collection of drama costumes, puppets, recorded music and coins that have been collected through the traditional show which happen all around the world. The museum has also got a giant skeleton of an elephant and it has been made to stand tall for about 3.19m high, so that the visitors can get an idea on how tall the elephant looked during the past generations.
Shreyas Folk Museum
Near Shreyas Railway Crossing
Shreyas Tekra, Ambawadi
Ahmedabad near Gandhinagar

Sanskar Kendra Museum near Gandhinagar

Sanskar Kendra is a museum that is located very nearby Gandhinagar. It was designed and constructed by the famous architect Le Corbusier. The museum depicts art, history and culture through many ways. It has been preserving various things like photographs, kites and many other art crafts that were found in the past generations. The main campus of the museum is situated on the Sardar Bridge that is very near to Paldi. The buildings in this museum are designed in a way that it never gets destroyed during the hot climate all throughout the year.

Museums in Gandhinagar

The interior of these buildings was completed using plaster. There is a large pool and an open court that was found in existence in the past centuries. The ramp that can be found along the pool leads towards the exhibition space in the museum. This place has got the best collection of various historical things that were found to be existed in the state of Gujarat. The incense stick that has been preserved in this museum is the tallest and is said to be 4.5 m in height. The building is accompanied with a kite museum that has a collection of photographs, kites and various arts and crafts. The museum got destroyed during 1870 and it was reconstructed during the years between 1890 and 1895. The government collected funds from the people and reconstructed this historical museum. The museum also has various cultural places in which different subjects like natural history, anthropology, archaeology, folklores, monumental sculptures and depots are taught in an open air.
Sanskar Kendra Museum
Opposite Tagor Hall, Paldi
Ahmedabad near Gandhinagar
Gujarat 380007
Phone: 079 2322 2523

Sardar Patel Museum near Gandhinagar

Sardar Patel museum is a national museum that is located in the Shahibaug area and it comes under the Moti Shahi Mahal. The museum was built between the years 1618 till 1622 for the great Mughal prince named Khurrama. When India got its Independence, this place was made into the official residence for the Governor of Gujarat. The Governor used to live in this place during the 1960’s. During 1980, a monument was made in order to honor the great Sardar Vallabhai Patel. There is a huge open garden surrounding the museum. The garden has got many monkeys, dotted peacocks that can be found all around the plants.

During festive seasons, many documentary cinemas are displayed in the Sardar Open Air theatre for the tourists and for the local people. One can witness a statue of Sardar standing tall at the entry of this museum. All his memories are said to be widely spread around the ground floor that covers the central hall as well as the other four adjoining rooms. The museum has preserved many traces of his life in the form of pictures, biographical descriptions, portraits, clippings from newspapers, political cartoons, quotes, personal possessions and relics from his life. These traces of his life also illustrate the most spending time he had spent with the great Mahatma Gandhi in the form of stories and pictures. Tagore stayed on the first floor of this building and the room has been dedicated to him in the present day. The room now carries the memory of Tagore through pictures, portraits, writings and by a statue.
Address: Balvantrai Mehta Road
Ahmedabad near Gandhinagar
Gujarat 380004
Phone: 1800 233 7951

Auto World Museum near Gandhinagar

The Auto World museum has got the rarest and the most wanted collection of cars, antique vehicles, utility vehicles, motorcycles, buggies and much more. The whole place has been built by one single family and they have maintained it since the past century. The museum indeed represents various types of ancient cars that can be found all around the world, irrespective of the age and type of the car. The Auto World Museum showcases the history behind the usage of transport facilities in the past century. Many people have been using such automobiles only to showcase their wealth, style and power in the society.

The museum has the rarest collection of boat tailed wooden speedsters, railway saloons, shooting brakes-cars, snappy sports cars and horse drawn carriages that were very much famous and rich in the past centuries. These automobiles can never be witnessed in any other part in this whole world.
Auto World Museum
Sardar Patel Ring Rd, Nikol
near Gandhinagar

Sabarmati Ashram near Gandhinagar

The Sabarmati Ashram is called as Gandhi Ashram or Satyagraha Ashram that is located on Sabarmati which is a small place near Gandhinagar. This ashram is the place where Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi used to stay after his return from South Africa with his followers. Mahatma Gandhi spent more than 12 years in his life within the ashram in order to get the freedom for the local people from India from the British government. The ashram has now changed into a museum and it holds the pride of Gandhi getting out of it during 1930 to start the famous Dandi March against the government. Gandhi said he would return back to the ashram only when India gets Independence from the British government. Unfortunately, Gandhi was assassinated after India got its Independence and he can never return back to this ashram. This is why Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India changed this place into a museum that can teach every individual in India about the significance and to implement the thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi on the youth. Magan Kutir is a place in this museum where Gandhi used to stay with the Ashram manager.

The museum now holds various letter and photographs of Gandhi that are being preserved by the Ashram foundation. The life size oil paintings of Gandhi can be found in the gallery section in this museum. The library in this museum has got more than thirty five thousand books that deals with Mahatma Gandhi’s life history, teachings, work and Indian freedom movement which he had established to destroy the British government. There is a reading room in the library that consists of more than eighty different periods that are in Hindi, English and Gujarati language.

The archive section in this museum has got the biggest collection letters that were received and written back by Mahatma Gandhi. More than thirty five thousand letters were found in this place and all the letters are preserved so that people can get inspired by watching the writings of Gandhi. These letters are kept original and a photocopy of it has already been taken by the Ashram foundation as they wanted the letters to be in existence even in the upcoming centuries. There are more than nine thousand pages of manuscripts that has Gandhi’s articles appearing in them. The main hall in the museum holds more than six thousand photographs of Gandhi and the ones in which Gandhi meets his associates. The personal relics of Gandhi are said to be on display in the Hridaya Kunj, which is known as an important landmark for the Ashram. There has been an educational class that places in the museum all around the year. Many students and youth from all around India visit the museum to attend classes and learn the life of Gandhi.
Ashram Road, Old Wadaj
Hridaya Kunj, Old Wadaj
Amdavad near Gandhinagar
Gujarat 380027
Phone: 079 2755 7277

The museums in Gandhinagar portray the historical significance and the importance of the ancient things that existed in the past centuries. If you are historical lover and if you would love to watch several objects that were found in the past centuries, then the museums in Gandhinagar can showcase them to your eyes.

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