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Historical Monuments in Gandhinagar

Gandhinagar is one of the most wanted commercial place that originates from Gujarat in India. This city is said to be located along the Sabarmati river and it is very much rich in terms of black soil. The whole city holds many historical monuments and forts that can be found in each and every corner of the city. These historical monuments have made this city a tourist destination and one can find many people visiting it all around the year. The following are some the famous historical monuments that can be found in Gandhinagar. If you are about to visit Gandhinagar, make a note of it as it can help you visit them while you are in this beautiful city.

Historical Monuments in Gandhinagar

Champaner Parvagadh Archaeological Park

This park represents the perfect blend that can be found between both Hindus and the Muslims. The architecture replicates the culture that is being followed by these two cast people. This type of style has been adapted from some of the noteworthy regional sultanates. This park has got the best natural features and it has been made out by using the normal settings that very available in the past generation.

The Champaner-Parvagadh archaeological park that is located in Champner is the place for worshipping and many Hindu pilgrimage visit it more often all around in a year. This place was declared to be a world heritage site during the year 2004. It has got a hill fortress which were said to be a Hindu capital during the 16th century. The residential precincts, water installations, palaces and temples in this park belong completely to the period of 8th century. More than thousand of people visit the Kalikamata temple that is located on the Parvagadh hill in order to pay homage to their favorite Goddess. This place is said to be a perfect study place for researchers who are very much interested in learning about the history of Mughal Islams. The park has never undergone any type of changes from the date it was fully constructed in the past generation.
Address: Gujarat State Highway 150, Champaner, Gujarat 389360

Adalaj Vav in Gandhinagar

Adalaj Vav is a popular excursion place that can be found in Ahmedabad in the state of Gujarat. This tourist destination is located from a distance of 19km from Ahmedabad. The architecture of this place indeed makes it as one of the architectural wonders in Gujarat. Adalaj Vav has been constructed in a seven-storied structure. It has got a number of chambers that can be found inside it.

Step wells are mostly used by the tourists who visit this place. The step well has water and some cool interiors inside it. This place was created in order to make the tourists to take some rest while moving inside the Adalaj Vav. During the summer season, this place is said to be hotter, yet, the step wells can be found cooler. This is where the architectural brilliance is hidden and one needs to visit it in person to experience the architecture with their own eyes.

Citadel of Mahmud Beghada in Gandhinagar

This is one among the historical town that is situated at a distance of 47kms from the Vadodara. It has got the dotted mosques that can portray the famous Juma Masjid and the Shah-ki-Masjid. This place has been the most wanted town for many tourists. It can be found lying by the foot of Pavagarh, which is a famous port in this town. Citadel of Mahmud Beghada has got a rectangular shaped structure which makes it more impressive in terms of look. The total area around this this monument measures about 280 yards in terms of breath and three-quarters of a mile in terms of length. It can be found standing tall and it does look the same even if it has been constructed in the past generations.

Dholavira Ruins in Gandhinagar

This place has got the best forts and monuments that honor Gujarat with its own pride. Dholavira Ruins are located in Kutch. It is an very old metropolitan city and it is said to be the fifth biggest Harappan site that comes inside the Indian subcontinent. The people in Dholavira have named it as Kotada Timba Prachin Mahanagar Dholavira. It has been known as the best and the most wanted archaeological site in India. The whole city belongs completely to the Indus Valley Civilization. This place has been encircled with water during the rainy season. Dholvira Ruins have got the precious and the historical antiquities from the past generation.

Harappan Ruins in Gandhinagar

Harappan Ruins are located in Lothal and it has got some of the appealing forts and monuments. The ancient dockyard, lower town, the bastion, the bead factory and storage houses are the destinations that can attract any tourists upon visiting this place. The modernized and advanced drainage system in this place should be noted up by the researchers. It has got an historical museum which portrays a variety of articles like painted potteries, bronze mirrors, miniature bullock carts and much more. The miniature bullock carts were used to build toy items, beads, jewelry and for making different objects that had stones, shells and bones in them.

Lallubhai Haveli in Gandhinagar

Lallubhai Haveli is located in Bharuch and it got has the monuments that were built 2000 years back. Bharuch is a fascinating town that has the pride of holding the historical monument. Lallubhai Haveli can be found in between Surat and Vadodara. It just takes an hour to travel towards this place. The fort that has been built on the hilltop can provide a breathtaking view when any tourist is said to climb on top of it. One can witness the Narmada river streaming all around the foothills of this place. The controversial Sardar Sarovar Dam is located nearby to this place. The forts and monuments are graced by wood carvings. Every tourist can find the arrangement of the matchlock guns to be stunning. Lallubhai erected this during the Nawab period in 1791 AD. There is a small room that can be found on the second floor. This room was used by Lallubhai to conduct the court meetings during his period.

Langhanaj in Gandhinagar

Langhanaj in Mehsana is a very significant name which has got some of the best historical monuments and forts with them. It is the place where some of the aborigines were said to be settled in the past generations. The early man who lived in Langhanj has got a resemblance like the East African tribal people. Various fossilized skeletons can be found in this place. These skeletons were found by the excavation work that was conducted under the archaeological survey in India. This place has now become a very important site for the historians and for the archaeologists. Many people from all around the world visit this place to make their research work on the skeletons. One can even find the general tourists walk around this place and get amazed by the forts and monuments.

Rani Ki Vav in Ganganagar

Rani Ki Vav holds a special place for the famous monuments in Gujarat. The sublime art and the architecture in the monuments portray the ancient India to the tourist who would visit this place all around the year. This is said to be the best step well that was built by the great Udaymati and it belonged to the Solanki dynasty. This place got excavated as Siddharaja Jayasimha dominated it during the 12th century. This place is just 2 kms away from Patan.

The step well measures for about 20mts in width, 64mts in length and 27mts in depth. The whole structure of the step well is laid upon the east to west direction and the entrance is said to be facing the east. It has been constructed using bricks which were beautifully shaped and cut into pieces. The interior wall in these well has a bordering of the staircase that was decorated using marvelously developed statues. It has got statues of Vishnu, Ganesha, Bhairava, Surya, Lakshmi, Kubera, Astadikpalas. There are many embellishments in this place and one needs to visit it in person to witness it. The monuments can testimony the skill that were present inside the Solanki sculptors in the past generation.

Rani Udaymati Vav in Gandhinagar

Rani Udaymati Vav is located in Mehsana in Gujarat. It has got the architectures that were created in the Solanki period. It has indeed got the largest and the greatest step well that was created during the Solanki period. This place was constructed during the 1050s and it was named as Rani Udamati. There are more than 120 step wells inside this place. This has attracted any tourists and researchers to visit this place any time in a year.

The step well is said to be excavated and restored during the 1980s which had made it look splendid in terms of structure. This was the place where the most royal families would visit often to spend some leisure time with their family in the past generations. During the summer season, the water that can be found on the well, will be served to the people who visit this place. Mehsana Rani Udayamati Vav was constructed in the memory of Rani Udaymati’s husband Bhimdeva who was in the Chalukya dynasty from 1022 to 1063 AD. This place is 134 kms away from Ahmedabad and 57 kms from Mehsana. It takes only two hours to reach this place from Ahmedabad. It has got a repository style that was adapted from the Indo-Saracen who were found during the 15th century. The contemporary style in this place was adapted from the great Le Corbusier.

This place features the traditional Hindu form of art with a sculpted decoration. The construction of this monument marked the origin of Indo-Saracen type of architecture in India. The step well in this place leads to a water level. It was started in the past generation as simple structures, which later on evolved into a complete piece of artwork. Each level in the stepwell has been carved with deities and friezes. The sculptures which portray the deities are projected using niches that can be found all around the step well.

Tomb of Ghosh Mohammed Kaba in Gandhinagar

This place is located in Lakhapat in Gujarat. It has got the best frontier fortress that portray the culture that can be found on the parts of Western India. The fort is situated exactly by the western edge of India that follows the border between Pakistan and India. One this place was a maritime trade centre with lots of people visiting it to do their business to earn money in their day to day life.

The Tomb of Ghosh Mohammed Kaba was built using local hard stones that were black in color. It has got the octagonal shaped with a domed structure. There are totally four entrances to this fort. The fort has been dedicated to Ghosh Mohammed after his death. The corner columns, arches, door jambs can attract any tourist to visit this place once again. There are many exquisite carvings and many other things that can make any tourist to get excited while being in this fort. The floral motifs and the tree that has life are some of the tourist destinations in this place. The inner walls of the fort portray the beautiful calligraphy that was adapted from the Koran verses. It has been imprinted on the inner walls of the fort.

Tomb of Jesal Toral Anjar in Gandhinagar

The Tomb of Jesal Toral is situated in a small town named Anjar. This is a very popular place in which the tomb plays an important role in bringing back the fame to the small town. The Samadhi boasts the intricate carvings that were made in the past generation. The carvings were refined to make it as a true delight to each and every art lover. The bungalow of James Mcmurdo, Holy Shine of Pinjora Pir and Ajaypal temple are some of the historical places that can be found in and around this monument.

Vijay Vilas Palace in Gandhinagar

The Vijay Vilas Palace is located in Mandavi and its features the renowned monuments and forts in Gujarat. The construction of this place was started during the 1920’s. The credits for building this place goes to the craftsmen and architects from Jaipur. The palace stands majestically with a beautiful landscape that surrounds the palace. The garden has the most beautiful water channels and fountains. The fountains are decorated using marbles. The palace portrays the brilliance of Rajput architecture and one must take a close look of the palace to know the hard work behind building such a beautiful palace. The central dome is used to support the pillars. The windows are completely made with colored glasses and an intricate window carvings. There is a private beach that can be found nearby to this palace. This is the most exciting palace and many people visit here with their partner to enjoy the sea breeze with a tented accommodation.
Address: Kutch, Vijay Vilas Palace Road, Mandvi, Gujarat 370465
Phone: 079 2322 2523

The Vithalbhai Patel Bhawan in Gandhinagar

The Vithalbhai Patel Bhawan is located in Gandhinagar and it has got buildings that stands majestically with corridors. This place has now taken under control by the government of India and one can see the legislature officer running of this place. It has been surrounded by lakes with two buildings. Sardar Bhavan is now used as the State Secretariat office and the Narmada Bhavan is now operating as the office for many other departments. Both these housed hold the historical details in their architecture. Many people have visited this place just to view the architectural brilliance that was found in the sculptors from the past generation.

Dada Hari Ni Vav in Gandhinagar

This monument is located in a quiet place named Asarwa village in Gandhinagar. This place be visited by travelling towards the northeastern side of Asarwa village. The ground level is not much visible at this place, yet, stepping up on the stairs can show some of the deep stairs and columns that gets plunged down to several stories. The natural light falls on these beautiful carvings when the birds and bats flatter in and around the corners of this place. This historical monument was built 500 years ago by the famous Sultan BaiHarir. This step well resembles the other stepwells that can be found in Gujarat. The elaborate construction of this stepwell has made it as a permanent water source and one can find water flowing inside the stepwell all around the year. People visited this place in the past generation to take water from the step well during the dry seasons. One can find various carvings on the walls of the stepwell.

If you are in a plan to visit Gandhinagar in Gujarat, then you should never miss any forts and monuments that can be found in each and every corner of it. Every fort and monument are different from one another and one can realize it only by visiting it in person. Make sure to know about the forts and monuments before visiting it, so that you can see the architecture brilliance of the sculptors and architects in the past generations.

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